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creative visual designer

My decorative, creative side goes back 25 years from accessorizing the latest fashion trends in high school to decorating my college classmates’ dorm rooms and apartment homes. Decorating and creating visual designs have been my interests as long as I can remember...

In high school, I lived in Piscataway, New Jersey. There, I was surrounded by the neighboring state known as the "fashion district of the world,” New York City! In taking several trips to 5th Avenue and many of the fashion districts of this city, I became fascinated with the fashion merchandising and design world. Many occupations were introduced to me, but none of them stayed present outside of a desire to one day attend school at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, I always wanted to return to my home state so I figured I would find a school in Mississippi that offered the fashion merchandising and design major. Immediately after graduation from high school, I applied and was accepted to the Fashion Merchandising Department of Alcorn State University. There, I studied all the fundamentals of fashion and design, be it clothing textiles to home furnishings. This desire was soon to be delayed by returning back to Jackson, MS and having to work various jobs not related to this area. During this time, I often decorated my personal friends’ home décor to maintain my creative side, and I used my attire to continue my fashion interest.

After having my first born, I revisited my love for creative design and partook in making gift baskets for sale. This object became very popular in Jackson. For over 15 years, my desire for this interest was on hold due to becoming a single MOM! I only exuded my design trait in my personal home furnishings over those years. I then obtained a job in Property Management. There, I learned all the fundamentals of management of assets, people and financial budgets. This would become my life for the next 14 years.

About 4 years ago, I was encouraged by a group of close friends to display some of my work on social networking sites. I thought, “Hmmm... I've been soo involved in my 8-5 job. I might as well indulge in my love for creative visual design.” After planning and developing both of my children’s birthday parties, and gatherings and birthday parties for various family members, I thought, “Hey, let me try this out, and see what happens.” Again, one of my close friends hired to me to do a couple of baby showers. Apparently, these were highly approved. Pictures were taken and posted on social networks, and off I went.

October 16, 2013 was the start of my journey. This was the day when I was forced by a higher Power to step out there on faith to test the waters of an area that has been my desire for years. In learning tons of fundamentals of operating a business and dealing with all walks of life of people, I officially created my business named, “Creations by Miss DP.” We are a small event decorating firm that makes each of your wishes come to life. It has been such a pleasure and ease decorating the many events for my clients. My vision is, “If you think it, I will create and design it.” Sometimes, I do not know where my design will come from or what I am going to do, but some way or another, when I get that vision, it runs off like the "road runner, non-stop.”

In conclusion, never give up on your dreams or think that it will never be possible to obtain your goals or tasks. I look forward to seeing many more years of decorating and planning party events. Thank you for visiting Creations by Miss DP online! Contact us today to help you plan your special occasion.

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